Jaws ★★★★★

I'm leaving for the shore soon, so I thought it would be a good time to finally see Jaws, and I was not disappointed. I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to fully enjoy Jaws because I was already familiar with so much of it from its popularity in media and parodies from movies and TV, but my anticipation of what I knew was coming just added to the experience. It's a classic any way you look at it.

I think the most well-done part of Jaws is the pacing. The first act seemed to go by instantly as the audience is scooped up in the frenzy of the ongoing shark attacks before you can catch your breath. Thanks to the rapid dialogue from townsfolk with horrific scenes of violence sprinkled in, you can feel the panic the whole town is experiencing, especially the stress of Cheif Brody. I also think it was also a genius choice not to show the shark until the movie's midpoint. This way, the audience was in dread the whole time and experienced the horror the protagonist felt when the shark is first seen. Speaking of the shark, it goes without saying that the shark looks and moves incredibly, even by today's standards. Along with some stellar foreshadowing, all this masterfully sets up the big confrontation in the second act.

The second act, starting once Chief Brody and his crew venture to kill the shark, shines for its production design. Until the protagonists leave to kill the shark, most of the film is shot on wide beaches and inside houses. However, everything changes once the setting switches to the boat, the "Orca" (which is a very fitting name considering that Orcas are the only natural enemy of sharks just like how Quint is a shark's worst nightmare). Once the setting switches to the boat, everything feels very claustrophobic as the characters are confined to a cramped box in the middle of nowhere, further building on the growing dread. It then goes without saying that John Williams' score is vital to building the anxiety-inducing tone.

In conclusion, Spielberg's Jaws is fantastic and deserves the recognition and endless parodies. I see now why Jaws is a classic and an ultimate summer watch.

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