All Quiet on the Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front ★★★

“There's no such thing as an anti-war film”
                                        François Truffaut

The German people look so weak and desperate on this one. I guess Netflix really wanted to give emphasis on the reasons why the original book was banned by the puppet-“fuhrer”.

Talking about Netflix —It seems like they’re trying hard to make all their tax-payer patrons satisfied.

Nothing like invest money on ultra-violence for peaceful dreams.

Call of Duty players will be transported to a new sensation and “free-thinkers” will rejoice with the disparity between the pretty-rich boys on war versus the rich-politics behind the curtains negotiating the end-of-conflict.

Oh, the monochromatic world for the Hollywood boys! So cute (and so brutal..)

Technically impeccable. 

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