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  • The Munsters' Revenge

    The Munsters' Revenge


    This one is essentially a "buddy cop" hijinks movie with Herman and Grandpa, and Fred Gwynne & Al Lewis were as sharp & funny as ever, 15 years after the series came to an end. Very much feels like an extended episode of the series, with the duo trying to take down a criminal operation involving robot versions of themselves. Charming!

  • Here Come the Munsters

    Here Come the Munsters


    This movie is very much not good but to its credit it's surprisingly woke for a Munsters movie from 1995, drawing a direct parallel between the torch-wielding villagers from Frankenstein and the present day Americans (and politicians) who are trying to drive immigrants out of the United States. Strong political commentary here in the main storyline, which paints the Munsters as an immigrant family just trying to get by in America. Some points for that!

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