Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart ★★★

Lynch just didn’t really do it for me this time around.

Wild at Heart has killer music and style, but overall just fell pretty flat for me.

I thought the plot had a ton of potential and I love a good road movie, but this just felt too loose and kind of dry, especially for a Lynch film.

I think my expectations may have been too high going into this given how much I like and or love Lynch’s other works, ultimately giving me the feeling that this could have been so much cooler.

Cage and Dern also weren’t very deep as their characters, which I think is also a testament to their skills as actors. It pains me to say it, but Cage really just isn’t a good actor.

Dafoe and Stanton on the other hand were both great and I wish we got way more of them, especially considering Dafoe is so good at playing a creep.

All in all Cage had some killer style and I liked the Wizard of Oz imagery, but I felt too much of the film left me unengaged.

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