Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★★

Halloween Kills is a Good but Very Frustrating Movie. 

Positives: The violence in this movie is Soooo Brutal, Gory and Violent asF. Michael Myers is Downright Savage & Rampage for what his doing in the film. 

Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer & Andi Matichak are really Amazing in their roles. Anthony Michael Hall is by far The Best part of the movie. His character motivation for killing Michael Myers is Phenomenal. 

Negatives: Some of the Characters in this movie is so freaking Stupid. Like truly I don’t give a shit about any of them besides the ones that I mention earlier. 

The movie is such a Fast Paced that you probably won’t be Scared or Frightened because the movie is too Fast. The flashbacks are also confusing & eye rolling that I really wasn’t buy it. 

The Ending really Pissed Off at what happened to the characters I care for. Also Laurie Strode was sidelined throughout the film. 

Halloween Kills is a Good but Frustrating Slasher Movie follow up to 2018. By shifting attention away from Laurie Strode, it lacks focus despite its ambitions of tackling mob mentality.

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