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Just another grad film student who thinks they're a critic all of a sudden.

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  • Hunt for the Skinwalker

    Hunt for the Skinwalker


    I was really hoping to come into this and hear lore about the skinwalker or a more skinwalker oriented documentary, but what I got was a film about UFOs as well as some paranormal cases and a couple mentions about the skinwalker all because the place was named Skinwalker Ranch.  

    I’m really trying to be open-minded here, which is hard since I am pretty agnostic and skeptical (aka an asshole) of/to everything. Yet, I couldn’t suspend my disbelief enough…

  • Shelter



    I like how a 6-minute short film is better than most of the garbage I’ve seen all year. If you’re an anime fan or Porter Robinson and/or Madeon fan, you’ll most likely enjoy this.

    Of course, the music is great - Porter Robinson and Madeon always deliver. The animation is great.  The mostly visual story was pretty good. I’ve seen many people who want this to be an actual anime, and now I would be one of them. Good times.

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  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire


    Beautiful, captivating, and sad. This was a very enjoyable and lovely movie and just another example of an international film being better than most U.S. films. Open your pallets!

  • The Lobster

    The Lobster


    Jeez, I’m lucky this world doesn’t exist or my awkward ass would be some weak animal that is killed the day after transforming. Then again, everyone in this story’s world is so awkward and flat that I might just fit in as normal there. 

    I love this story’s world and the story itself. I love the themes and the commentary. This is definitely a movie I will watch again, and I’ll definitely check out its script. If you’re looking for…