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This review may contain spoilers.

Film Club #23 (Pick by Logan)

Recommendation by Istiaq

Huh, I didn't know they made a "Pikmin" movie.

"Fantastic Planet" is like an animated storybook about a nature/historical documentary from another world. The more clinical approach to storytelling may turn off some viewers, but for me, the film is so fascinating, so strange, and so nightmarish it's hard not to get invested into the world. Some sort of allegory about animal cruelty and the power of knowledge against oppressors, "Fantastic Planet" starts with us on the same ground level as the puny Oms and gradually reveals more about the world as Terr and the Oms use the gigantic blue Draags' learning technology against them. There's a little something for everyone from the excellent science-fiction world-building to the gritty and gruesome survival element of the Oms to make the odd and off-putting world of "Fantastic Planet" much more accessible than it may seem. The animation style may be a bit too stiff for some, but the attention to detail and the sheer variety and weirdness of the world are sights to truly behold in the film. It is one of the trippiest movies out there, but with the great world-building, exciting storyline, and amazing designs, it is a substantial trip.

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