Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart ★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Film Club #6 (Pick by Miranda)

I'm still not quite sure what I just watched.

This film has one of the best intros I've seen in a film: right off the bat, just bluntly start with the violence and sleaze without wasting your time. These first opening scenes just go 150 miles per hours, but then it starts to slow way, way down to about 25mph. And it starts getting really old really fast. Although performing well when they're going crazy, Dern and Cage (and Lynch's script) just didn't draw me into this chaotic love story/parody melodrama/black comedy/whatever the fuck this is. Anything plot-wise just didn't do much for me, everyone just feels like a weird angry caricature. All the weird Lynchian stuff just didn't feel weird enough: just shots of fire, lots of red filters, and random people saying strange lines in strange voices that felt more awkward than thematic or frightening or engaging. It's like a barbaric race of aliens tried making a Hollywood film and the result just feels vapid and disjointed. Ending was good though, exactly what it needed to be.

That fish-shaped sign in Big Tuna that says "Fuck you" summarizes this film perfectly.

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