Crash ★★★★★

scars of the past become distinct indicators of the future, 'the car crash is a fertilizing rather than a destructive event'. in cronenberg's greatest achievement, cars are not just weaponized penises to inflate male egos, they are seen as catalysts for addiction, sexual freedom and almost a quasi-spiritual guidance tool. the appeal and mysterious aura of car crashes since their invention is amplified and taken to its natural conclusion; in this universe roadways become extensions of social nature and lead to flirting and foreplay across the pavement. when metal physically meets, its passengers usually do as well.

body horror is swapped for arousal - characters derive pleasure from their scars and other bodily alterations like tattoos, and ballard softly caresses catherine's car damage like it's her thighs. when cars and their owners become so intertwined in their affairs, there's a certain synergy to the proceedings. instead cronenberg focuses more on the disassociated voyeurism tangential characters face as well as the audience. it's easy to find the beauty in these encounters. like ballard driving while 2 people become one for brief moments in the backseat, we travel with these characters through obessions, addictions, passions, kinks, deaths, and orgasms. life's circle.

'maybe next time'.

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