Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★

nobody is gonna agree with this but the only thing this movie did well is show some silly sweet realistic gay interactions i havent really gotten to see on-screen before. gay relationships in movies are always so extremely serious and this one is too but i appreciate the silly and affectionate that was nice. oh also one more thing: it Took Me to italy i was in that damn countryside and i know their neighbours.


that is all i like about this movie because it isnt uh good :( it's really not. it's bad why can't people just be creative and make films they enjoy making instead of going fishing for oscars. why do we all continue to watch these movies every year. why did i watch this i knew i wouldn't like it. moonlight... spoiled me apparently.

anyway, i found myself gettin reealy uncomfortable due to the constantly apparent power imbalance and how everything is still portrayed as beautiful and romantic. blegh anyway sally jane black's review (@glazomaniac) covers that much better than i can. i highly recommend

this movie feels like a shiny soulless expensive rendition of an actually moving gay art film i haven't seen yet because i am really lazy and like to watch things that are easy to find. i can do better than that

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