Scream 4

Scream 4 ★½


And here's me thinking scream 3 was the Pinnacle of ludicrousness for this series but somehow Scream 4 manages to tip the scream franchise just that little bit more over the edge. Was this fun to watch? Yes, watching these movies with friends is the way these movie should be watched, but does that make this movie good in any sense of the word? Hell no. This movie goes so meta it completely ruined itself, seriously I'm surprise wes craven didn't turn up at the end of this movie as him self. The ridiculousness of this series has long passed my limit to the point where now the meta commentary, cheesey acting and over the top kills are just becoming more of a hindrance for me. I definitely think this was the worst scream yet and I'm really hoping that scream (2022) pulls this back for me.

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