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  • Mirror Mirror

    Mirror Mirror


    armie hammer as a devoted puppy is the peak of cinema! every other live action fairytale adaptation can go home now

  • Atonement



    i don't know why i hate myself so much that i agreed to watch this with my family who had never seen this before, despite known full well that it ruins my day every time. i mean, i have read the book several times and this must have been my fifth viewing or something and still the masochist in me always returns to this story because i've always been convinced of its brilliance. truly one of the best adaptations ever.…

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  • Dunkirk



    was i wrong in thinking this would be underwhelming? yes.
    did I breathe once while watching this? no.
    i swear i can still hear that clock.

  • Ibiza



    this has robb stark as an EDM dj so that's... something worth seeing at least (and they let richard madden keep his Scottish accent his time around! thank you @ netflix)

    anyways, the humour in movies like these is never for me for some reason? maybe it's just me