A Nightmare on Elm Street

-------------THIS REVIEW IS FOR AN AUDIO COMMENTARY-----------------

When I heard Wes Craven, the master of horror, died, I had to rewatch his masterpiece. So I decided to put a little spin on it, so I watched it with audio commentary by Wes Craven, Heather Langenkamp, John Saxon and I think Jacques Haitkin. It was on DVD one in my 7 DVD Nightmare on Elm Street Boxset.

The audio commentary was interesting and lots of fun. I like how they chose such different people, the director, the lead actress, the biggest name of the movie (at the time) and the camera guy. So they not only talk about directing or acting, but about a good combination mixed with "how this was shot". And you could hear how excited Haitkin still was about the shooting of the movie.

My favorite part was when Heather Langenkamp told us how the scene where the mother smokes in a sleep clinic dates the movie and shows it was made in the 80s, not because of what she said but because it is followed up by Wes Craven talking about how much he likes the clarity of the film since they are watching it on Laserdisc... which of course dates the audio commentary.

Anyway, all in all this was an interesting commentary, I learnt some new stuff about the movie and heard much of the trivia I read or heard of from the #1 source, Wes Craven himself.
I'm not going to rate this commentary but if you are a fan, you should watch it.

Rest in Peace, Wes Craven