Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★★

last time i rewatched this film i had just started college. one of my first assignments was to write a review of one of our favourite films and i chose this one. it was september 2019 and i was so excited.

in september 2020, i dropped out thinking that i wouldn’t go back and finish up ever. i hated it, just like i had with school before that, except this time i didn’t have to attend so therefore i wouldn’t. 

in september 2021, i went back. the grade i had got in my first year, though deserved, wasn’t what i wanted to be stuck with. one year. less than that really. get that done and then i’m done. 

today i had my final lesson in college. tomorrow i will sit my exam. and then the past two and half years of my life are wrapped up and shipped off and someone somewhere will give me a grade that i won’t be able to see until august. 

it’s odd to think about how much has changed since my last rewatch of this. how much i have changed as a person. my love for this film, however, has not changed. if i had to choose a film to write about now, it would still be this one. 

i wonder what i’ll be like when i next rewatch it. maybe i won’t wait so long to do so this time.

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