Possession ★★★★

Possession is a thematically heavy and utterly disturbing picture. It is most of the time pure supernatural chaos, but it does it with a mostly grounded approach to the overall story. Yet the film ends up coming across as confusing and perhaps too heavy for its own good. It might take multiple viewing to fully appreciate it. 

The film is lead by two incredible performances by Sam Niell and Isabelle Adjani who play a large role in making it such a strangely fascinating film. Without them at the center of attention the film definitely wouldn't have been what it is. 

I can’t begin to truly fathom what this film means in its entirety. The themes of family, loneliness and religion are apparent, but how they directly translate are not. Wether this film actually works or is a mangled mess is for subsequent viewings to tell, but I think I liked it.

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