WandaVision ★★★★★

Episodes 1 & 2:
Literally zero complaints so far. It's a lot funnier and just overall much more entertaining than I expected it to be. Honestly, I was wondering how they were really going to move past Endgame. I kinda thought we were headed toward the end of the MCU. Well, no longer. This is a breath of fresh air.
Random notes:
- there's some genuinely creepy stuff in this. Wasn't prepared for that at all.
- having the Ad breaks was an inspired idea. I love that theres only one per so far. Not too much but enough to get a chance to play with it.
- this really feels like the era of TV it's intended to be. Theres a visual difference going from episode 1 to 2, and it really felt like a step up even though they were made at the same time.
- I still cant get over the fact that this is actually funny? And not like normal Marvel funny. Sitcom funny. That weirds me out and im all in.

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