The Taking of Tiger Mountain ★★★½


Reasonably entertaining, as ought to be expected with a cross between Indiana Jones and Seven Samurai helmed by Tsui Hark in digital-era blockbuster mode, but I wish the film had been even crazier, with colors and action that popped more and psychedelic imagery that cleaved closer to the director's best.

That said, there are these crazy, clearly made-for-3D moments where the film does funky, self-reflexive things with the CG, like freezing the image for a moment while the "camera" continues to zip around or providing a slo-mo view of a stick grenade explosion in reverse before resuming at normal speed in the forward direction. These flourishes, though on the one hand kind of tacky, are also welcome in that they see a director taking his trademark visual kineticism (see Knock-Off, Time and Tide, etc.) and expanding its boundaries via the new affordances of digital.