Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★

Kind of a step down from the previous two, if we’re going to split that hair. Not sure why it starts off with a 5-minute clip from the previous film, since it’s not really essential to the plot of this film, but at least we get some sweet Friday the 13th disco music over the opening titles immediately after. The typically horny teenagers of this installment piss off some 80s af bikers, which gives a different twist to the usual build up to the killings.

I watched it in 2D, but got a kick out of imagining it in 3D during certain scenes obviously designed for the effect (e.g., every killing with some implement protruding from the body, eyeballs popping out, the yo-yo in the face scene, etc.). Rumor has it that shooting in 3D was so complicated and expensive that most everything was done in a single take, with not much attention paid to the dialogue or delivery - and it shows, with hilarious results. Unfortunately, what brings this down is the final girl showdown, which a lot of people seem to love but I found clunky and tedious. Still, I laughed harder in this one than the previous two combined, and I have no regrets.

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