The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★½

I don’t get the hype on this one. It’s like a remake of The Big Lebowski with all of the funny characters and situations taken out, and with a little girl thrown into adult and/or dangerous situations just to make you extra uncomfortable. It strikes me as a pretty cynical film. It tries for laughs with situations that are not inherently funny (unless innocent bystanders being shot/killed is inherently funny to you), so the movie has to rely on things like Ryan Gosling making weird noises and Russell Crowe…being fat?…, which wasn’t doing much for me. I appreciated its occasionally clever subversion of action-movie tropes, but this appreciation did not translate into amusement.

While I’m at it, some other gripes: Crowe’s accent did not convince me. The pacing felt off. I was checking the time for the first hour or so, not knowing exactly what the stakes were and not really caring about the characters. The character development happens too little, too late. And once the stakes were revealed, I still didn’t care.

Maybe if I had never seen The Big Lebowski and/or found Gosling’s antics hilarious, I would have enjoyed this. I laughed a few times… but this one is a big fat “meh” for me.

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