Interstellar ★★★★★

if all of Nolan's films are about him trying to come to terms with something through his typically cold, precisely-plotted, realist sensibilities (e.g. Inception and dreams, Memento and memory) then Interstellar is perhaps his most interesting movie yet - because it's a film about him trying to understand love.

so i get why it doesn't work for some people. coming from Nolan it does kinda end up feeling like a movie about a robot learning to love, but at its core it's so earnest and go-for-broke ambitious that i can't help but fall totally head over heels for it. i don't know that i had any particular expectations going into this, but whatever they were they were totally shattered by this immaculate, gorgeous opus from a master at the top of his craft. i can't say for sure if it's Nolan's best, but i can certainly see it being the one i'm most enthralled by.

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