F9 ★★½

For my first cinema trip of the year, I wanted a big, bombastic action spectacle to watch while I chomped down on my popcorn and slurped my sickly sweet, sloppy, slushy.
'F9' partially delivered on that. It does give us some absolutely ridiculous action scenes that had me rolling in the aisles at their absurdity but overall the production lacked a certain energy. I think that's mainly down to the gargantuan, bloated runtime of 2 hours and 25 minutes. I mean just look at that poster - there are so many characters and plot points shoved in there like sardines in a tin. There comes a point where a man's had enough of seeing engines get revved up.
There are also some incredibly dull dialogue scenes that are 50% spewing mushy nonsense about 'family' and 50% making jokes about how the characters are invincible. And yes, the characters are invincible which completely undercuts any tension or suspense and making jokes about that fact doesn't resolve the issue.
Of course, I loved it when they went to space. It's not as good as the third act of 'Moonraker' but... it's still great.

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