Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★½

The web head's MCU adventures continue to leave me lukewarm with 'Spiderman Goes On Holiday'.
Immediately, the film takes the devastating hero deaths in Endgame and turns them into a cheap gag. The dramatic potential of Aunt May finding out that her nephew is Spiderman at the end of Homecoming is completely squandered because she's just totally fine with her surrogate son constantly risking life and limb, I guess? And again no Uncle Ben! I don't except a flashback scene to his death or anything like that but his name isn't even mentioned. All we get is his initials on Peter's suitcase. Once again the supporting cast are one-note and annoying (except MJ and Flash Thompson who received some much needed depth). Once again all the action scenes were clearly created in a computer. Once again the visual presentation is bland and uninteresting (with the exception of the truly jaw-dropping hallucination scenes).
So Peter goes on holiday but his plans go awry when he has to fight some elemental beasties. Why does he do this? A sense of responsibility for the safety of his friends? A desire to help others? No, he does it because Nick Fury asks him to. As far as character motivations go, that one is pretty abysmal. What makes this even more frustrating is that Tom Holland is clearly putting his heart and soul into this performance but it is wasted on lacklustre material.
The EDITH sub-plot is just so stupid. Why is a teenager given a multi-billion dollar security system? Why does Tony Stark continue to loom over Peter Parker despite literally being dead? This film was supposed to be about Peter learning to step out of Tony's shadow and realising that he doesn't need to be the next Iron Man, he just needs to be himself. And that's exactly what Happy Hogan tells Peter but then he builds a tech suit to the tune of ACDC. So I guess, he is the next Iron Man? The film is showing one thing and telling us another thus completely contradicting it's own message!
However the diamond is this rough is Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio. He is clearly having a lot of fun with the role and the character of Quentin Beck is very well written.
I'd be hard pressed to say I didn't enjoy this film. It has a plethora of warm, charming, funny moments. It's a perfectly serviceable as a 'munchy munchy popcorn nom nom nom' film but from Spiderman, I except so much more.

And JK Simmonds as J Johan Jameson appears in the mid-credits sequence so... that's cool.

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