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  • Days


    The body aches. The city feels bigger and more relentless every day. I recollect waiting for the bus after school in the torrential rain - watching the shrubs sway with the wind and oncoming traffic; having supper, past midnight, after watching a football game at the only stall open in my neighbourhood; walking home because I’d spent too much money on alcohol. Nothing much has changed but yet it feels nostalgic and different at the same time. The ache never quite goes away and, in it’s mundanity, it feels comforting.

  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Sciamma’s inclusion of the discussion about Orpheus provides an incredible through-line for the film. By highlighting the concept of choice, she makes every moment a result of deliberation - I choose to be in this moment with you, fully aware and/or fully ignoring the consequences/inevitable because I want to. I don’t know but something about taking complete ownership of one’s actions lends the film undeniable gravitas. The characters experience and let themselves get swept away in the moment, but never…