• Dune


    Life’s pretty tough when you’re oscar isaac and rebecca ferguson’s kid.

  • Love in the Afternoon

    Love in the Afternoon

    I dont know why im so unsettled by their haircuts

  • Asako I & II

    Asako I & II

    Im sorry x3000

  • Millennium Mambo

    Millennium Mambo

    I got lung cancer from watching this

  • Time


    Essential viewing. It shouldn’t take such an amazing and moving speaker, such as Fox, to painfully convince you that a system is fundamentally broken and that lives and families are at stake, but it unfortunately is the case and people need to see this film.

  • I May Destroy You

    I May Destroy You

    In Ep 8, Coel’s character delivers a monologue about the unspoken, yet ever shifting liminal space that exists btw what is and isn’t sexual assault. She highlights the dangers of not identifying and acknowledging that space and how it could be maliciously used against others to inch the line further in service of exploiting the unsuspecting. And the show, in the same vein as Coel’s emphatic advocacy, unapologetically toes that very same line to ensure that nothing is left unsaid.…

  • Mahjong


    I like that I can sort of trace the way Yang consistently grapples with existentialism over the years through his filmography. There is always a strangely comforting sense of confusion and struggle but, here, I recognize an anger that comes with youth. There are times where money and love are the fucking worst, but most of the time I’m just trying to figure out ways to get more of both. Its hard to accept that my whole life will revolve…

  • My First Film

    My First Film

    Her dad texted her while she was performing and I noticed the message notification in the top right corner of her screen at the same time and in the same way she did - which is by far the most surreal form of non-fiction I’ve ever experienced. She then replied to his text, after the portion about him, and said she loved him which was such a mood.

  • Normal People

    Normal People

    I found myself, on several occasions, looking at my cursor at the bottom right corner of my screen, as though to remind myself that what i was watching wasn’t real - or at least wasn’t possible in a reality not dictated by someone else’s pen. To be seen, to find contentment, and to be strong/nuts enough to be okay without it seems soo far out of reach but am glad to have partaken in this experience; as I fight to dispel a nagging feeling of hope and loss that has crept through thoroughly convincing performances and storytelling.

  • Monos


    Exploitative without the audacity put its money where it’s mouth is. It tackles seriously fucked up issues but makes it palatable enough so people can talk up its score, look and sequences. It just peeves me so much that something with such real political and humanitarian stake, given as much resources and visibility as the film has, could be short changed in terms of its point. I’m left with having consumed a lot, but with little to no meaning.

  • Devs


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Only took 8(all) episodes for a character to make a choice. Film professors, past and present, be rolling in their graves.

  • 3 Faces

    3 Faces

    My village measures you based on what school you went to and how much you earn. It doesn’t think love is love and takes it upon itself to literally demarcate the 1 meter distances we are supposed to maintain, during this viral pandemic, in public spaces. There are many things and people that I will never be able to change or help, but I think if we listen and care enough, we might just have enough privilege to extend a hand to the smallest and softest of voices around us.