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  • Gale Force

    Gale Force


    I realize this is an eighteen year old direct-to-video dud less than 50 people have logged on Letterboxd - but not enough people are discussing the blatant cinematic thievery going on here!

    The opening 10 minutes of this bargain-bin wreck is lifted *directly* from "The Last Action Hero." And I don't mean "inspired by", or even "similar" - the prologue here is literally a shot-for-shot remake of a car chase from that movie's action film-within-a-film, "Jack Slater IV".

    This includes…

  • Springsteen On Broadway

    Springsteen On Broadway


    Emotional and brilliant.

    A year after yet another globe-trotting tour concluded, Bruce Springsteen changed the game by doing something he had never before: hold a steady job. His 14-month residency at the Walter Kerr Theatre was met with rave reviews, packed houses, and high ticket prices. Try as I might - even after winning the 'ticket lottery' - I wasn't able to secure (let alone afford) seats to any of the 300+ shows in the tiny Broadway venue. Had I…

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  • The Devil All the Time

    The Devil All the Time


    Needlessly grim, muddled by unnecessary (and frequent) time-jumps, and about 30 minutes too long... "The Devil All The Time" eventually succeeds thanks to a marvelous performance by Tom Holland; a young Ohioan who's relationship with violence is connected by several unbelievable coincidences.

    Opening with no less than five time-jumps (and a few flashbacks) within the first act, this movie introduces a host of characters and threads that don't really add up to much for the first two hours. It felt…

  • Practical Magic

    Practical Magic


    Five time jumps in the first 20 minutes, tonal shifts abound, and a romantic lead that isn't introduced until an hour into the picture; if "Practical Magic" suffers from anything, it isn't formula. This is a unique experience to be sure, bouncing from whimsical family-friend fantasy to dramatic and series to cute and romantic.

    Individually, many of these moments work: thanks largely to the endless charm and beauty of leading ladies Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman. Their pairing here feels…

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  • Interstellar



    An unqualified masterpiece.

    This captivating science fiction drama from critically acclaimed director Christopher Nolan was produced on a budget of $165 million, and released on November 5, 2014. Although it's an entirely original property with no ties to any previous works, the hype surrounding Nolan's ninth feature film was so high, Warner Bros. studios traded away the rights to its lucrative "Friday The 13th" series (among other franchises) just to secure worldwide distribution rights to this movie. So to say…

  • Nightcrawler



    Gyllenhaal is masterful.

    This low-budget American crime-thriller from first-time director Dan Gilroy was a critical and commercial success following its theatrical release on Halloween, 2014. Jake Gyllenhaal stars as an enigmatic individual who muscles his way into the world of crime journalism: earning money by photographing accidents and murders late at night, and selling them to a local news station. He is a quirky, bottom-feeding opportunist, exhibiting signs of high-functioning autism... always communicating directly, if dishonestly with his mark.