Carrie ★★★★

Pleasantly surprised by this adaption. It takes what I felt was a dated, stale, and poorly executed original and re-imagines it into 21st-century environment. A more focused look at bullying, and the Internet-hate machine improves this story's core story. Chloë Grace Moretz is, as expected, wonderful in the lead role of an outcast high-schooler constantly teased and shunned by her scornful peers. Juliane Moore is predictably brilliant as the psycho-religious mother too.

The iconic, blood-drenched finale is recreated in spectacular fashion... and is a fitting climax for the 100-minute film. While it mayn't tread much new ground, the decision to stay faithful serves this picture well - resulting in a marked improvement in all areas. "Remake" is a dirty word in Hollywood, and they're generally marred by a lack of originality and critical disdain... but director Kimberly Peirce has completely succeeded with "Carrie" - I thought it was a GREAT film.

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