Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

I don't wanna sound hyperbolic, nor do I usually say stuff like this, but "I'd give it 6 stars if I could". Not only is Everything Everywhere All At Once one of the most impressive and all around best films I've seen; it's also one of the most genuine and touching for me personally. I can count on one hand films that have had an immediate impression this strong on me. Look, everyone knows how good this film is already. I don't wanna sit here and sell a film I already know you either like or will like when you get to watch it. It's scientifically proven that this film is amazing, even! Instead, why don't I try to tell you why personally this is such an important one for me?

Today, was actually my last real day of school.. ever. I'm graduating high school in just a couple weeks. I'm as scared as anyone would be in this situation. Soon, I'll be on my own, leading forward my own future, choosing where to go next, picking what I'm gonna do for the rest of my life, choosing to be with those I love. It's a natural step forward, that I always knew would come. I was prepared. Or so I thought. Where do I go from there? What is the next stop? Where the hell am I heading? What does the future hold for me? Just yesterday, actually, my grandma and I had a very nice talk. We talked about all sorts of things, such as memories we share together and trips we did together. I love my grandma an incredible amount, and so I told her that. I also said "You must've had a good life so far grandma". A moment of silence arose and she responded: "I guess I have. It has been quite easy and comfortable. But still hard in its own ways". She smiled and asked "So, Josef, what does your future look like?". I was completely thrown off. It wasn't a bad question at all, in fact it was quite interesting, a great question. I just didn't know how to tackle it. And so I responded what one would expect, unsure as I was. That question has not left me for a second since then, however, and it was still there, lingering in my mind, while I was watching this film. And I'm sure questions like those won't ever leave a human brain. All we can do is, well.. do. And the rest is history. Can it be changed? Can it be altered? Does it matter at the end of the day? Does anything even matter? And what does? I don't know, but people, this film is a masterpiece. Thanks for reading!

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