1917 ★★★

I just finished God of War. It was a great game -an immersive storytelling experience that built character and plot in-between the fighting with dynamic camera movement. Does this kind of storytelling make a good movie? Not necessarily.

There are some amazing compositions in this film. I particularly loved the sequence when our “vessel” (let’s be honest, he’s an empty rag doll that the audience is viewing this world through) wakes up and walks through an almost surreal landscape of falling flares and flaming buildings. It’s good craft, but overall this felt a bit flimsy. There’s no disputing that Deakins is very good at constructing a good shot, did it really all NEED to be one?

Editing serves a purpose and I saw a ton of points where it could have really fleshed out characters, mood, or something more interesting than “hey, look at this cool thing I’m doing!” That’s why a oner in a Curòn film has so much power. It’s surrounded by these little cuts that make the uncut experience that much better.

Anyways, this might be a bit harsh. I legitimately had a fun time watching this this visceral experience, war movie cliches and all. It’s akin to riding on a roller coaster. I just wish there was bit more substance underneath all that spicy style.

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