Old ★★½

Why the hell is everyone so obsessed with occupations in this movie?! No one can go two minutes without mentioning what they do for living (or, for some reason, what their sibling does) even when it has no bearing on the conversation whatsoever. It’s almost like he’s trying to say that we are purely defined in how we contribute to the economy and are slaves to to capitalism and corporations— oh, I get it... I guess?

Let’s get this out of the way and just point out that M Night the Director kicks M Night the Writer’s ass in every way possible. He’s so energetic and manic with his camera is spellbinding. His pendulum camera motion and startlingly good and intuitive compositions are pure catnip. Compare this to the writing: mind numbing dialogue, confusingly muddled plot mechanics, and line reads that seem like it’s each actor’s first time uttering a word in the English language. Despite some interesting topics Shyamalan is TRYING to tackle,
the script is a very bad episode of the Twilight Zone with some really cool direction.

Still, I like that M Night is loosening up a bit and not taking himself so seriously anymore. Keep it up dude! Just maybe, idk, get a co-writer or something?

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listed on: SPOOKTOBER 2021 (26/31)

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