Life Is Beautiful ★★★★

7.6/10 Unlike some other reviewers, I have no problem with the concept of a film like this being a comedy. Real life is a mixture of genres. We live in a world that's a wild mix of comedy-drama for romance Etc. However, I'm not sure that this movie stuck The Landing in that respect. Life is Beautiful would have done much better to be a little more grounded in reality. Some of the sequences felt quite a bit far-fetched and unrealistic. Other than that, I have to applaud this film on really making me care. By the middle of the film, I felt so incredibly emotionally invested in Roberto's character I wanted him to get the girl, I wanted him to save his family, and I wanted everything to work out in the end. And I can't deny that on several occasions, namely, the underneath the dinner table scene, and the radio broadcast scene, I did well up. That is 2 in large part to Roberto benigni earnest performance. In conclusion, this film absolutely succeeded in making me feel something even if I did have a bit of an issue with the comedic tone. 7. 6 / 10

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