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  • The Woman in the Window

    The Woman in the Window


    As someone who has "Rear Window" in their top five favorite movies of all time, the fact that they so clearly tried to replicate that movie and failed on so many levels just makes this even worse. Amy Adams AND Brian Tyree Henry need to find new agents ASAP. 

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  • Jigsaw



    I have now gone through every single Saw movie in under a week... wtf is wrong with me???

    Meh. I feel like a lot of the stuff I have to say about this one is just meh. I feel like this may be the dumbest set of characters we've seen be put into the games and I found myself getting more frustrated with these guys than anyone that I've seen be put into a trap. There are some interesting things, but the overall twist just feels like a complete let down. Much better than Saw 3D, but that's not saying much.


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  • The Mitchells vs. The Machines

    The Mitchells vs. The Machines


    This offers some of the first truly authentic queer representation from a family film by a major studio that doesn't queerbait or just have one small character casually mention the gender of their significant other. The main character is clearly gay, but that is far from the only thing about her. 🏳️‍🌈

    Aside from that, this is just such a FUN and heartwarming animated film and yet another feather in the cap of Sony Animation. Olivia Colman also EXCELS in her first major animation voice work. Sony Animation is going to yet again give Disney/Pixar a run for their money.

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  • R#J



    Sundance 2021: Film #11

    Is this the first time Letterboxd has been featured in a film?

    This somehow finds a way to make the tragedy of Romeo & Juliet feel FRESH despite centuries of being retold. Both leads are amazing, the editing is fantastic, and the soundtrack is perfect. Yet another successful screen life film!!! 

    Netflix will 100% buy this.

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