LA 92 ★★★★★

Between this and the O.J. Simpson case, I reckon Los Angeles was the most historically significant city of the 90's in the western world.

I found this extremely difficult to watch. I even cried at a few points, and I almost never cry during movies. Specifically the footage of the elderly black man hysterically pleading to a crowd of younger men to stop the violence hit me hard.

I never quite realised the scale of the riots. Dozens of people murdered and over a thousand properties burned to the ground. That's insane for a so-called civilised country. But thats what happens when the entire fabric of your society is built on deep rooted historical and on going oppression of entire sections of your populous. When viewed in that light, I'm honestly surprised something on this scale hasn't happened again since, especially considering how little has changed and the further issues American society is currently facing.

An extremely well made and powerful documentary. Don't watch it if you're already feeling sad today.