Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again ★★★★

When I first heard about this sequel, I thought Mamma Mia... here we go again. But like the super trooper I am, I thought I’d take a chance on it, just as I had hoped it would take a chance on me. Well, when I rocked up at the cinema my beloved turned to me and asked me ‘does your mother know that you’re out?’, but me being me I played it cool and told her ‘no, there’s no need to call an SOS, it’s hardly Waterloo... it’s just a film’. Anyhow, there I was, sat there after spending god knows how much money, money, money on snacks and drinks (extortionate prices, £7.50 for a coke and some popcorn!), finding all of my doubt slipping through my fingers. Not only that, but I was actively saying gimme, gimme, gimme more! To be honest, I’m a musical fan, unashamedly so, always have been and always will be, always one to say thank you for the music even if I myself have never been much of a dancing queen, so I shouldn’t have been surprised. But nevertheless, I was, and I was as happy as Larry, as consumed with fervent musical gusto as Fernando.

Alas, as the tears flowed semi-constantly for no apparent reason throughout and the joy coursed through my veins I realised something... that in cinema, escape is the name of the game, and every single one of us in the cinema, when all is said and done, is there to escape and fall head over heels for the film we witness, to fall in this instance for the cheesy charms of a nostalgia-filled frolic through everybody’s guilty pleasure Greek Tragicomedy.

The winner takes it all, and for all of us still capable of watching films with wide eyes, open hearts, and a suspension of disbelief, for a few brief hours we were able to be taken away and lost in stunning music, some inspired choreography, comedy that all the family can appreciate, and a story that begs very little of your brain’s power but is more than comfortable to occasionally surprise and regularly elicit surprising levels of emotion. Lily James and co are all having a riotous time, and it’s just something singularly extraordinary. This is a film that fundamentally should not work and that the notion of is ridiculed en masse, myself included even though I’ve watched the first more times than I care to disclose, but time and time again we return because the joyous sense of togetherness with a cinema-going congregation is euphoric when sharing Mamma Mia!

And if there’s a third? Well my, my... how could I resist you?

All puns provided by Jordan King, you’re very welcome. I’m off to buy some dungarees and dance around IKEA. Vevvy Svedish ya?

Also... Cher. What the Christ? She could easily be 40, 400, or an alien, or a relic from a bygone age of smoke machines and boffy hair, and I’ll never ever quite know which.

Also... SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER but Meryl Streep 100% is gunning for five millionth Oscar nomination in a row and fair play to her, she reduced every woman and man over the age of approximately 38 to tears in literally no more than the time it took Anne Hathaway to go and nab an Oscar playing the world’s most depressing woman, and that was only what? 11 minutes? AMATEUR!!

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