No Time to Die

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This review may contain spoilers.

Madeleine: We just needed more time…
Bond: You have all the time in the world.
Madeleine: I love you.
Bond: I love you too.
Madeleine:… She does have your eyes.
Bond: I know… I know.

This is already the most emotional scene in any Bond film, already the sort that would reduce the staunchest of men to tears, but their daughter is Mathildé and my baby girl is Matilda, and I spent the last minutes of this film on Tuesday night in London just thinking of my little one 200 miles away at home in Wales. It’s crazy how much your child cuts through the noise, makes you able to accept your past and embrace your future… it’s beautiful how Bond is able to sacrifice himself to preserve Madeleine and Mathildé’s future and make peace with that tortured past.

Also, for the Alan Partridge fans out there, God I wish we could ensure this is known only as James Bond: Alpha Papa going forwards!

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