Singin' in the Rain

Singin' in the Rain ★★★★★

“Don, it’ll be a sensation!”

Simply put, if a cataclysmic event occurred and wiped out all physical and digital media except for one sole survivor, leaving the world completely unaware of film and Hollywood and the art and industry of cinema, Singin’ In The Rain is such an epitomic, epochal, and epic motion picture that it would be enough to bring everything back to us and inspire us to create infinitely more. It is, without shadow of a doubt, the single most cinematic product of the Golden Era, and the single most celebratory introspective on the art form that has ever been made. 

Every frame, every line, every routine, and every note is precise and perfect and utterly irreplaceable, and the golden trio of Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, and Donald O’Connor represent a leading line that could never be bettered and that nobody would ever want to better. From the jubilant ‘Good Mornin’’ to the death-defyingly daring and breathless ‘Make ‘Em Laugh’, to the immortal titular number and the experimentally masterful and visually sensational ‘Broadway Rhythm Ballet’, this is a work of art in every possible sense that never falters for a second, offering something for every kind of cinephile to appreciate and adore.

Words are a commodity I have been fortunate enough to learn a great number of in my short time on this Earth, but no matter what I say or how I say it or how passionately I mean it, I don’t think that language exists profound and expressive enough to encapsulate the masterpiece that is Singin’ In The Rain. 

Singin’ In The Rain is the single greatest expression of the language of cinema that I know of on both an objective, technical level, and on a personal, heartfelt one too. It to me is proof that there is no finer art than that of film, and every time I watch it I am reminded of the immense joy and pride I have in knowing that I will spend my life indebted to and in awe of this miraculous medium of creative expression.

If you’ve seen it, you’ll know.

If you haven’t, you must.

The one film I would categorically call ‘essential’ viewing - it is just a piece of divinity in an imperfect and all too often utterly incomprehensible world.

I love it, and though my words fail me, I hope you guys give yourselves a chance to love it too if you haven’t already❤️

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