Tenet ½

Anyone who tells you they enjoyed this movie has duped themselves into thinking this because they feel smart for understanding 10% of it.

There's a difference between a challenging movie that forces you to pay close attention to understand the complexities of the plot and.....well, this: a two-and-a-half hour slog that thinks being complex is a virtue in and of itself.

Why is it impossible to follow? Well, significant portions of dialogue are incomprehensible over the soundtrack for a start! Add to that the fact that no effort is made to flesh out the motivations of a single character and the central organisations at play make no sense.

There is a battle at the end of the movie where I legitimately did not know who the characters I was supposed to be rooting for were fighting against! This battle scene also happened in two directions at once AND simultaneous to another scene that somehow had a bearing on what was happening but in a way that makes no sense to me.

My head hurts.

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