A Nightmare on Elm Street ★★★★★

"Tina, you either gotta cut your fingernails or ya gotta stop that kind of dreaming."

This film has existed my entire existence. I don't recall a time where I wasn't aware of Fred Kruger and his dream murdering ways. I can't recall when I first saw this (my Mom let me watch any horror film with her at a very young age) It's ingrained in my brainwaves for eternity. It really hit me hard on this viewing how original and unique this film is. I can't imagine seeing this as brand new release in 1984. The way Craven makes you unsure if you are in dreamland or not, is seeing film mastery at it's finest. You may be questioning reality and once you realize you're in a dream, the fear sets in.

I've re-watched all major 80's horror franchises through a few times. Yet compared to the others this one still will make me feel a bit uneasy. The couple of jump scares in this seem slightly off-beat, so they're still effective. When I expect them to happen, they don't. Then while waiting another 1.5 seconds it happens and they still make me jump!The blood and gore scenes are still outrageous and hold up. Tina getting dragged around her parents room and ceiling, still makes me cringe.

Is Nancy Thompson the all time greatest final girl? She certainly is my favorite. She simultaneously pulls off being lovable and bad ass. She is scared to death of Freddy, yet she is never too scared, to want to confront him and solve this evil problem. She is the only character willing to face any of their problems (the parents in this have plenty of problems) and she is the only person to succeed. She is a huge reason this movie works. I think it's no coincidence that she is in the three Nightmare films that stand the test of time.

Charles Bernstein composed the brilliant synth soundtrack. He created an extremely catchy yet sinister 10 note melody that bounces around my brain, long after the credits roll. Bernstein uses the Yamaha DX-7, Roland drum machines and various other synths to drag us deep into Freddy's world. I'm such a music nerd, I love digging into what gear was used to make these old horror scores.

Freddy may slowly turn into Bugs Bunny in the sequels, but at one time he was quite menacing and terrifying.

5 Evil Dead makes Nancy nod off out of 5

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