Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★

Director Steve Miner returns to direct and brings us what feels like the first classic Friday The 13th formula. I love that a franchise took until part 3 to reach what it is known for, a hockey-masked crazed killer. I was excited to see Miner return, I enjoyed Part 2 quite a bit and I also love his movie House.

On my first viewing of this I was a little turned off by the obvious 3-D scenes with objects constantly flying into the camera. Since I knew that it was coming this time, I found it a bit more fun and charming. We can just say this is a campy, camp flick.

The amount of kills were taken up a notch this time around. We get a spear gun, knitting needles, meat cleavers, pitch forks and no-fucks given stabbing of a pregnant woman! My favorite kill in this is has to be Andy getting chopped while doing a hand stand.

The scene at the end is always so hysterical! When Chris is in the boat (this is a dream, I suppose) and she spots Jason looking out from the top story, out a window of a farmhouse. He looks so goofy with blood dripping down his head, just staring.

3 Tom Savini in Fangoria out of 5

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