Nope ★★★★★

Yep! Nope is everything I didn’t know I wanted in a modern film. I’m so very excited I got to see a flick that feels like a perfect piece of its era. It greatly respects film history while simultaneously making itself part of that equation. The visuals and symbolism are already burned into my mind and have me contemplating possible deeper meaning. It’s also a straight-up, fucking fun, summer blockbuster. I felt pure joy experiencing this in a dark and crowded theater with a hundred strangers. A Jordan Peele film has become a modern event and I couldn’t be more glad that I get to be apart of its audience. 

**Spoliery Stuff Ahead** 

While attempting to grasp what I was seeing, I felt the Spielberg blood pumping in this films veins. This appeared to be an alien invasion flick, but was being filmed like Jaws. A UFO rushing through the clouds felt very animalistic and was filmed as such. Once the reveal that this flying saucer was not a ship, but an alien itself, I became insanely intrigued and excited. What a bonkers idea, that I’m totally here for. This moment we go from mystery film to pure survival film. That transition was so organic and unique. It did for the sky what Jaws did for the ocean and what Tremors did for the underground. The UFO turning into a hungry sky monster is a reveal that will stick with me forever. 

The combination of that brilliant Peele weirdness and summer blockbuster fun is superb. You get a Sci-Fi adventure, but you also get gorgeous shots, strange symbolism, peculiar character backstories and phenomenal acting. I love what Peele did with the stereotypical silent and strong male character. It had such a western vibe mixed in this modern and unique tale. 

See this in a crowded and dark theater with strangers while you can. I loved the experience.

5 bloody monkey fist bumps out of 5

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