Prince of Darkness

Prince of Darkness ★★★★★

John Carpenter has a careers worth of underrated gems. In my worthless opinion, this is his most underrated flick. It stands shoulder to shoulder in quality and in frights with other beloved horror classics. Yet, I could mention this to my close friends and family, and I know they would never have heard of this horror masterpiece.

I love how this film dives head first into the doom and gloom synthesizer riff with a back and forth between scenes and black screen credits. I get sucked into this film world in record time. Carpenter just really know how to get you interested, so quickly. The music continues to creep along in and out constantly through the film. It's never pleasant, letting you know there's always trouble a foot. The score will hit an occasional small climax with a faux-choir, yet it always reverts back to steady, slow, impending doom.

This is one of the creepier films to me. Mainly because Calder and Kelly are just so fucking terrifying. They really played their role with intense insanity. The menacing mirror staring laughs are over the top and just chill inducing.

The ending of this flick is superb and I can't get it out of my head whenever I watch this. When Kelly is pulling out the red hoof/hand out of the mirror and Catherine tackles her into the mirror realm, I'm always blown away. Then after the priest shatters the mirror, we get the saddest shot ever of Catherine reaching from the darkness pool towards the remaining light. Just an A++ movie moment. It's executed perfectly.

5 Alice Cooper bike impalings out of 5

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