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  • I May Destroy You

    I May Destroy You


    This series will change the world.

  • The Invisible Guest

    The Invisible Guest


    Plot twists don't necessarily make a movie good. In this case, this movie fails to pull the audience into the storyline with these twists happening nearly every scene. Each twist becomes more and more annoying as they don't serve any points to the plot. It's laughable because the director seems like he wants to amaze us with these unnecessarily forced twists when in fact, they're just really lame. It also has some of the worst juxtapositions I've ever seen in a movie. You'll know when you see it. Overall this movie is just borderline offensive, it felt like i was watching an awful murder mystery parody.

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  • May the Devil Take You

    May the Devil Take You


    Nyed asli.

    Ini film maunya apaan dah?

    I went in with high expectation karna ngeliat temen temen letterboxd ngasih di atas 3 stars semua.
    Ternyata.. i think it's a mess.

    Dari penulisan skenario nya yang bener bener lazy writing sampe actingnya juga caur banget. Opening nya sih oke, tapi mulai dari sequence di rumah sakit sih itu gue mulai ga ngerti intention director nya apaan. Gue masuk teater mikir bakal ketakutan sama nih film, yang ada sepanjang film gue dapetnya…

  • Beach House: Live at Kings Theatre

    Beach House: Live at Kings Theatre


    Let's all be honest and agree. No dream pop band will ever top Beach House. Ever.