Avatar ★★★½

Still in the Avatar "craze" (if there ever was one) in the medium, and while we're on the Oscar race, I needed to rewatch the first film, to later get into The Way of Water, so as for this, I really didn't remembered much about it, and a rewatch really helped me fill the gaps.

So, it isn't bad, like not at all lol.

The pacing was fast. Maybe too fast at first, but it helped the film from feeling slow, at te expense of not getting all the information for context, but the visuals also help a lot for this. And speaking of, man, those visuals still look amazing, Pandora really looks stunning, even in 2023, it's just a technical marvel.

Storywise, it's the most basic one can ever see, people ain't wrong on that. Even some of the acting is ok wise, but Zoe Saldaña and Stephen Lang absolutely hit it out of the park here, and that score by James Horner truly is something else.

Overall, a stroke of technological genius by James Cameron, one that would make him the king of the world once again in the box office, and make him go out of the picture for more than a decade to up his game in Pandora.

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