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This review may contain spoilers.

Blue Bayou (2021) 9/17
* This is my 39th In-Theater Experience since the pandemic lockdowns. I saw the trailer for this film while watching other films and it really stood out to me as unique. I loved the plot and the how the lighting and filter will make this plot pop. I have become a fan of supporting actress Alicia Vikander too. I am not too familiar with Justin Chon’s work.  
* The film has a dream like feel from the starting title sequence and throughout with the filter and colors. I love approach to an illegal immigration story. Lots of great shots of the bridge he lives near with sunsets. 
* They set up the relationship between Chon’s Antonio & child actress Sydney Kowalske. The supermarket scene was brutal despite them showing most of it in the preview. 
* The motorcycle robbery had me super anxious and led to a really creative sequence. The rain sequences are done really well and you can really feel like you’re there. 
* That ending airport was an emotional roller coaster. I was sad, relieved, scared, joyful then devastated. The different levels of that scene and how it shifts in tone quickly was strong. A very memorable way to end the film and bring awareness to this problem with adoption/immigration.
* Overall, this was on my personal favorite films I saw on a big screen this year. I loved the filter and use of color. I loved the plot and different take on the stereotypical immigrant story. Alicia Vikander is great as Justin Chon’s wife. Justin Chon nails both the directorial and lead acting duties. I enjoyed the Louisiana setting, and how the story flows through there. I never got bored and just truly enjoyed this film for what it was. 4 stars.