Copshop ★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Copshop (2021) 9/25
* This is my 41st In-Theater Experience since the pandemic lockdowns. This movie popped out of nowhere to me. I am a big Frank Grillo fan and I like the supporting actors a bit. I feel like the trailer to this might have given away too much so I have tried my best to forget as much about it as I can.
* This film starts where many films would have at the middle, towards a climax end or the end. Then quickly becomes conversations and back forth in that cell room for the rest of the hour.
* It feels like a stage play at this point. The characters pretty much stay in the police station for entire duration. There is a lot of jokes flying across the film from everyone. The humor and mystery are a major crutch the film uses to be interesting at all.
* The back and forth action sequences in the police station were decent. The action is really packed in the 2nd half. Gerard Butler and Frank Grillo are two actors I have enjoyed. I haven’t seen much of Butler in recent years. 
* This seems like a film that would benefit from me rewatching and being less tired while watching next time. I saw a super late night theater showing and fought sleepiness at the end. This just felt like major direct to video film.
* Overall this was a mediocre action mystery thriller. I want ti give this another shot in the future but this didn’t enthrall me enough in my first viewing. This film seems like just a throwback small scale B action film that gets made a lot. I do like all the actors participating but its tough for me to review this highly. 2 stars maybe 1 1/2