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This review may contain spoilers.

French Exit (2020)
* This film has been on my radar for awhile due to its stats Michelle Pfeiffer and Lucas Hedges. One of those 2020 releases I just completely missed. I was able to get a 99 cent rental on AppleTV+. This films to relay kn the two stars a lot.
* This film feels like I am watching an old film. The dialogue, the score, and the way the plot moves along slowly and gracefully. 
* Michelle Pfeiffer is really going for it in this role as an eccentric widow and controlling mother of Lucas Hedges’ character Malcom.
* The boat part reminded of one of the other Lucas Hedges films Let Them Talk (2020) but with this films quirkiness and filter. The whole Madame Reynard “party” is an early on favorite sequence for me. 
* The film becomes a funny ensemble full of characters staying at their apartment. The connection between all of these people light up the film. When Imogen Poots walks in and then her fiancé pops out I was laughing so hard. I just don’t understand why everyone just stays in the apartment all the time and sleep there. 
* Overall, I enjoyed the film more than I expected. The whole Paris part was interesting and I found it charming to see the apartment fill up with different characters. Pfeiffer and Hedges are a charismatic duo and their relationship surrounded by the characters is the heart and backbone of the film. Using the money disappearing as a countdown to the end was effective. Love how the title relates to the film, not only their “exile” to France but also Pfeiffer’s desire to no longer live. This is a solid film that has some good comedic moments. 3 1/2 stars