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This review may contain spoilers.

Titane (2021) 10/1
* This is my 43rd In-Theater Experience since the pandemic lockdowns. This popped on my radar when I saw the trailer awhile ago. I saw it won the Palm d’Or at Canne which is impressive. Prestige French horror film sounds great to me. I don’t know much about the plot or the filmmaker as I haven’t seen her previous films. 
* Really smart, creative, and interesting way to set up the main character and movie title with limited words. It sets up the strangeness and perversion of the lead.
* Im just continuously shocked about what is happening on screen for large portions of this beginning. So much nudity and the new take on car sex. The nipple ring sucking was the wildest scene I have seen in awhile. 
* The whole pretending to be a long lost kid of the fire captain is a very strange way for this femme fatale story to turn. How there is no DNA test or the fact she is pregnant doesn’t tip anyone off. The dancing to The Zombies scene that becomes a fight was awesome. Also so the overdose persuaded Alexia to stay. 
* There are these long dancing sequences with little to no dialogue and all have different vibes and color schemes. They bring a interesting randomness and color to the film. 
* That ending had my mouth open almost the entire time. I was not expecting it to go down like that. The titan baby and the Captain’s reaction to everything was intense. Alexia leaking the motor oil after having sex with the cars and caressing the car as a child was a good call back.  
* Overall, this was one of the most bonkers horror films I have seen in a very long time. This French film doesn’t need much dialogue to be effective and has so much subtle context and clues that seem to reward a rewatch. The film turns the female who is set up to be a victim to a psychotic serial killer with a large hairpin. I was mesmerized almost the whole time and completely understand why France chose it as their film to submit for the International Best Picture Oscar and how it won the Palm D’or at Cannes. Agatha Rousselle was a revelation in his first full length feature. One of my personal favorite films I saw this year especially that could rise in rating later or after a rewatch. This makes me want to watch more of director Julia Ducournau work especially Raw (2016). Check this out if you like horror/thrillers. 4 1/2 stars