Carol ★★★★

I don't ??? know ??? how I felt ?? what I thought ???? therese's gay panic is Relatable tho. I feel like the end was how she wanted it to be, but there hadn't been a book abt lesbians with a happy ending yet at the time so she had to tone it down. I really feel like it works well as a companion piece to the book, with the extra space you get when you're not confined by therese's pov. cate like shot me in the face so many times but also all I could think abt were textposts abt how thirsty she is and man she is realllyyy thirsty like she somehow overshadows therese's thirst, nice one @ carol. I don't know I love cate blanchett it just reminds me how mUCH I loved her. I swear judging by how she dressed her sandy powell loves cate as much as I do. I still hate rooney mara and I don't like therese tho

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