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  • Eternity



    Beautiful and a bit sad to be honest.

    This film has an impressive photography, taking advantage of Peru's beautiful Andes as its main setting. Wiñaypacha is a cultural look at the life of the indigenous people at a close and personal level. It doesn't go on great lengths to explain whatever cultural rituals they are doing, it just shows hoe slow, peaceful, lonely, and even treacherous this type of life is.

  • Dancer in the Dark

    Dancer in the Dark


    I would usually go on with my reviews about how deep and symbolic this film was. However it's been over a year I think since I've done my last review and so I'm actually rusted out. But, even though there is a high chance that there is a deep subtext in this film. I feel it is ultimately an emotional ride, which I felt almost from the get go.

    I've become frustrated lately with films, not finding anything that motivated…

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  • Rabbits



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  • The Milk of Sorrow

    The Milk of Sorrow


    Everyone including me likes being right about something, but when it comes to films I love being wrong about to something exceeding my expectations and this was one of those cases.

    For anyone who isn't Peruvian let me go ahead and say that this is a very delicate subject even recently, as the terrorism era that hit Peru and the war against it that covered the country for over 10 years of conflict is still talked about and discussed with…