Suspiria ★★★★½

What a beautifully disgusting film.

I understand how this film isn't particularly for everyone, but for those who are into this kind of horror: what's not to love? We have amazing performances – Tilda Swinton, in particular, did more than one role without me noticing –, there's great camera work that serves perfectly to capture some of the best dance choreographies I've seen, and there is just so many disturbing and gory scenes that work to create this dark and satanic feel to it all. It goes without saying that the death scenes were all immensely satisfying.

Now, I haven't seen the original Suspiria yet, but that doesn't mean I intend to ignore it. In fact, I decided to wait until I watched this one before giving the original a try. This is because I've heard they aren't really that similar, this one isn't trying to be a carbon copy; so, I figured watching it would only spoil me this experience with details I didn't really want to know beforehand.

In any case, this film was amazing, there is so much style ready to be appreciated and a whole lot of mystery waiting to be uncovered. I still haven't connected some of the dots of the film and will probably watch an analysis as soon as I end this review, but for now, I want to capture this fresh and true sentiment of euphoria that has been left on me after watching this film.

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