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This review may contain spoilers.

Most unpopular movie opinion: Jojo Rabbit is in my top 10 favorite films of all time...
Watching it a second time really made me appreciate it more, I saw alot of little things I didn't notice the first time. My favorite thing I noticed the second time around is when JoJo is in the tent trying to snap his fingers and he cant but at the end he can snap, just little things like that.
I love the score with some of my favorite songs in German and when everybody's gotta live starts playing after JoJos moms death. JoJos theme is also spectacular.
Scarlett Johansson was amazing and so has the actor for JoJo.
The Cinematography, All the performances, The set design, and all of the costumes were amazing!
I understand not everyone will like this film but I personally think it's a modern classic.
So glad this film walked away with something from the Oscars.

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